Custom map not finding outpost

Hello, I have had a chat with the Mapmaker gruber for badlands. when trying to find monuments with this plugin it shows none found when running this custom map. Gruber said to try and contact the dev for this plugin because the outpost is a standard monument and should be found with out any issues. Could I get any help with this? thanks a lot!!!

The plugin provides multiple different commands related to monuments. Which have you run that do not show Outpost? For example, mf list, mf show. If these do not show any info about Outpost, I may need to acquire copy of the map to troubleshoot further.

Also, you may want to encourage custom map makers you encounter to become familiar with this plugin if they are not already. It's becoming increasingly common for people to use Custom Vending Setup and Monument Addons (both which use Monumemt Finder) to adjust custom monuments. There are likely ways that that map makers could improve the experience for their users by providing values that could be placed in the Monument Finder config, making minor adjustments to their maps to improve compatibility with the plugin, or providing feedback to me to help identify ways this the custom monument setup process could be improved. This seems to be an opportunity that map makers are consistently missing out on. I am very approachable and respond to all public posts in a matter of hours, but I have never seen any engagement from map makers who I must therefore assume are oblivious to, or don't care about, how people are using their maps.

I ran every command, I can talk to the map-maker to see if he would allow that. the map is a premium map from gruber.

Is there a visual marker for Outpost on the map? Is the plugin showing any other monuments?

Also, if the map maker has any concern with sharing the map with me, they should be aware that I do not run Rust servers (never have, probably never will), and I have never distributed any copy of any sold plugin/prefab/map given to me. It would be a waste of capital for me to purchase it as I would only use it to help their customers.

If you would like you can come to my server I have set up and I can make you admin for the time and you can check. this is what the map maker said.