Custom profile spawn values

I made a profile with many items for a custom town monument and when I load the profile on a new seed the deployables are not in the right place. Everything seems to have a different x,y,z values. Is there a way to mass change the placement of everything?

Interesting. You describe a new seed and a custom monument. It sounds like you are either using a custom procedural generator that can add custom monuments, or you generated a vanilla procedural map and then added the monument manually. Either way, the issue is that the position or rotation of the monument marker relative to the monument are different on your previous map compared to your new map. Whatever process added the monument to the map is therefore faulty.

As for your current circumstances, there is no way to easily translate the position or rotation of the addons. I could implement something to do it, but it wouldn't be perfect and wouldn't be used much. I would much rather we focus our effort on prevention.

Depending on how the monument is added to the map, there may be a prevent building volume which is in a consistent position and rotation relative to the monument. If so, you could update your config for this monument in the Monument Finder plugin to determine the monument position and rotation by the prevent building volume, which would ensure consistency moving forward. Alternatively, you could make sure that whatever process places the monument marker positions and rotates it consistently with the monument.

Yes, I generated a vanilla procedural and used Rust Edit to place the prefab that I then mark as a monument. So if I understand correctly I will need to rotate the prefab and monument marker the same with every wipe? I plan to use this prefab as a town and load a profile to add lights, decor, etc. 

Yes, exactly. Ideally the custom prefab for the monument could include the monument marker, but that's a RustEdit limitation at this time. Realistically this should be pretty easy for you to address for each map, since the Transform Tool in RustEdit has the ability to copy and paste transform values. There might be issues if you add or remove objects from the monuments since that might change its origin. If you want to make it easier for yourself, simply add a prevent building volume to the monument prefab, and configure Monument Finder to use that. As you move and rotate the monument, that volume will move and rotate with it.