ReceivedForPlaying showing in chat
Global chat message just says "ReceivedForPlaying" without the ammount that is received... would be nice to see for example
 "you received 100 for playing"

is it possible to set this and if so where ?
hmm thanks Wulf but i dont see money time in my lang folder...

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this is my config

"Base payout amount": 100,
"Payout interval (seconds)": 3600,
"Time alive bonus": false,
"Time alive multiplier": 0.0,
"New player welcome bonus": 100.0,
"Permission-based mulitipliers": {
"donor": 2.5,
"vip": 5.0

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i see this in the plugin folder so how come i dont get the message in global chat?

lang.RegisterMessages(new Dictionary<string, string>
["ReceivedForPlaying"] = "You've received $payout.amount for actively playing",
["ReceivedForTimeAlive"] = "You've received $payout.amount for staying alive for $time.alive",
["ReceivedWelcomeBonus"] = "You've received $payout.amount as a welcome bonus"
}, this);