Loot rates insane when using other loot plugin
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When using Extra Loot the multipliers are going insane, /data/MagicLoot copies the numbers from my StackController, which is 20000, after enabling ExtraLoot some of the items instead being 2x (32 crude oil in Oil barrel) are like 170 crude oil and 165 low grade fuel instead of the 2x of the vanilla value, how to fix this? I am not using any other loot plugin. Roadsign component the same, instead of being 2-3 vanilla and 4-6 with 2x is like 12-18 roadsigns in a box, Sheet Metal the same, instead of being 1 vanilla and 2 with 2x there are 4 sheet metals in a box.
All i want from ExtraLoot option is to enable more slots for items. EG: Barrels to drop 5 items instead of 2, not to multiply my items to insanely amounts for no reason!
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@Tricky my man is there anything you can do about it?

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How to use ExtraLoot only for more slots in a barrel/crate etc without using the /data/MagicLoot values? i want vanilla rates with more slots
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Wasn't getting notifications for some reason
I'm rewriting this plugin, should be soon
@Tricky - did you re-write the plugin?

also want to spawn extra loot but not have crazy loot numbers.

do the numbers next to the items in the extraLoot list represent how much of it will spawn?
I was also just checking to see how I can configure it to strinctly not multiply C4 and other usually hard to find components because of the huge amounts I'm seeing on our server. We are running X5 StackSize's on an otherwise X2 gather server. I guess I'll just wait for Tricky to update and disable it until then. Thanks for the update and all the hard work @Tricky! Hope to see it patched soon!