Seems to not lock anything at all

It seems to not lock anything at all and doesn't create any data.
This could be a plugin conflict (no errors though) as I haven't tested on a clean server though my old version works with my current plugins.

Also, will "Supply Drop Drag": 1.0 and "Cargo Plane Speed (Meters Per Second)": 40.0 interfere with FancyDrop ?
I'm not sure why those options belong in this plugin ;o)

if no data is created then it's from another plugin blocking it imo

those options do conflict. they were requested. ill make them optional next update
Tested on a clean server, some data is created, no damage reports at all though and nothing is locked.
Are auth levels excluded in any way ?
This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.
lootdefender.use -- players with this permission will be involved into plugin work (their damage is accounted, loot is locked for them, or from them). 
lootdefender.adm -- perm to use debug chat/console command: testlootdef -- this will show all currently accounted targets and locked crates

do you have permission? :p

Yes :o)
there's no reason it shouldn't work then

will check it out :/
I have added this plugin to my server but it does not track npcs. It tracks bradley and other things but not npcs. Anyone know the fix?

Does not show damage done by NPCs. How to fix? What could be the problem?

We have a similar problem.
Nothing is really locked.

The data contains only 1 Entry for the last full hour (with 32 players online)

  "damageInfos": {
    "5136180": {
      "damageEntries": {
        "steamid": {
          "DamageDealt": 49.0101471,
          "Timestamp": "2021-01-22T02:05:58.5427553+01:00"
      "NameKey": "Q. Rodriguez"
  "lockInfos": {}

When i deleted the old data, there were only 3 entries for the whole day, today (with peak of 118 players).

can't reproduce this issue. also those entries are removed when they expire, they don't just sit in the data file forever :p

Hm, OK makes sense. 
But we don't even get the messages when looting how much each involved player dealt damage

make sure you have the lootdefender.use permission

We have. It worked well some time ago. I will add some Puts() to figure out why it stopped working 

Merged post

Ok here is what i've found:

if (config.LockNPCs)
                if (entity is BasePlayer)
                    var npc = entity as BasePlayer;
                    var corpses = Pool.GetList<NPCPlayerCorpse>();
                    Vis.Entities(npc.transform.position, 3.0f, corpses);
                    var corpse = corpses.FirstOrDefault(x => x.parentEnt == npc);
                    if (corpse.IsValid())
                        lockInfos[] = new LockInfo(damageInfos[], Instance.config.LockNPCSeconds);
                    Pool.FreeList(ref corpses);

I added simple Puts() to some functions, and it seems like "if(corpse.isValid())" never is true.

This happens when i shoot some scientists/scarecrows/murderers.

Just adding my "me too". It doesnt seem to track NPC on my server. Chopper and APC work just fine.

Using BotSpawn bots and ZombieHorde zombies

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As a side note and having absolutely no idea what I broke with the change, i removedthe check for
 if (corpse.IsValid())​

And it started locking the NPC again...I then I disabled the Damage report as it came out twice for some reason (which is probe issue all together)

Atleast this way it seems to work

Merged post

After playing around a bit more, it seems that the changes i made cause a NRE in

lockInfos[] = new LockInfo(damageInfos[], Instance.config.LockNPCSeconds);

I just never saw that because of my filters.....however the changes still work ok.

Reason fdor the NRE seems to be, as stated befor,e most of the time the corpse is not valid as it is null. However...sometimes it is go figure...

Can we get some help with this plugin?  It appears NPC is not working.  Is there another plugin we can use?