Unlock keylocks when rentingSuggestion


Would it be possible to add a future where the keylocks get unlocked when someone rents the room (in  this case a house)?
I'm making a town with houses (with more than one door per house) and i'm trying to make it work with the plugin. It would be easier to have the keylocks set to unlock, the other option i've thinked about would be to make keys from every door but it takes more time to do that.
The doors are locked so others can't lurk around without renting the house.


why not leave off the locks until someone buys it?
The plugin currently does not support assigning multiple doors to a single person.. 
The basic rule is that, you rent 1 code lock, to 1 player, per hotel zone..

You can add key locks that are not treated as rooms. (ie You could add 1 extra key locked door and leave the key inside for the renter). But you need to change the locks on every renter..

I am looking into a way to assign items manually to a room. It will involve more setup time for admins however, so I dont know if there is a desire for it... Basically, I am thinking of allowing an admin, to assign all the items included with renting a room, with a hammer for instance.. this would include multiple doors or locks. or even items outside their room. If there is a desire from many for this, I will look to move it up in the queue.