Allow players to put stuff down in rooms?Solved

how do you allow players to build in their own rooms without authorising them on the hotel TC?

tried putting a tc in a customers room and it says you cant stack privalidges,

id like customers to be able to place down more boxes and put stuff in them or place sleeping bag

any ideas?

yes.. You can use "No TC Access" and dont put any TC in there.. Set to No decay and undestructable.  allow them to place deployables and yours good to go

thanks for the reply,   so do not put any tool box in at all?  set no decay and undestructable on the gui,

how do you allow them to place deployables and no tc access? are they on the gui too?

( cant look right now as updating server lol )

they are zone flags :-)

cheers buddy,  im having to reinstall the server and oxide

did the update for rust and then oxide and now my custom map doesnt load lol

aarrghh hahahaha

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One more question  ( My user error lol )

i changed the duration of the rentduration whilst i had customers,  i reset the hotel and refreshed rooms
allowed the 3 customers to re rent the room for the new time period ( infinite ) , which is working but it has left
the message  You HOTEL NAME HERE  room expired.

I have also changed the rent duration for any new customers to have weekly rent

the npc shows the three have unlimited duration but top of screen the notification says expired,

how do i get rid of that so it show correctly?


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ive rebuilt server, new map etc, built hotel 

i had  "not renting a room* "       or words to that effect  at the top of screen in green

I rented a room and it now shows  " your hotel room has expired " in red

its driving me nuts lol 

The Time Left UI is not really applicable for an unlimited room.
You should use the "hideUiForNonRenters" set to true in the config if they are not going to expire OR just make the duration longer then your wipe schedule.

I will look at displaying something like "You have an Unlimited room" or something like that in a future update..

Sorry for the confusion.

many thanks ill go do it now :)

no apologies nessacary,  you are maintaining an amazing plugin

Cannot find that line, check in in hotel in cfg, data and lang en.

is it one you have to manually add?

are you using the recent version?

i think so, downloaded 2 or 3 weeks ago

the one you need is 2.0.26 updated 2 weeks ago

thanks, ill do that immediatly

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fixed many thanks

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