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There seems to be a handful of tenents in my hotel that havent been on the Server for a few days, though are still in their rooms. How is this handeled? Are they charged Economics for each day they're offline? I thought the kick hobos flag would remove them. 
One of the sleepers rooms code lock is green and the room is available, though the others are still red.

The "Kick Hobos" will only eject people that go to sleep inside the hotel without a room.. If they own a room they can sleep no issue.. When sleeping if their room expires "Turns Green" and they are sleeping in the zone nothing will happen UNTIL
1. a new player wants to rent the room and then the room resets to default, and kicks the sleeping player out of the zone. The sleeping player losses all their loot (in their room) to the Either (Items on their body will remain lootable outside the zone).
2. the sleeping player awakes and grabs all their loot and TPs out (if you have TP enabled)
3. the sleeping player awakes and tries to open the door. They will be charged 1 duration at a time, back to the time they expired at, to keep their loot (think of this like a storage unit, You paid till the 1st if you want loot on the 5th you owe for those 4 days). If this doesn't take them to current they will need to keep extending thier room until its locked again.
4. the rooms that are still red should be still valid.. so the player has not expired yet.

Rooms are rented by the duration and (if you enable the "extend" permission) they can get multiple days.. for example
I use 1000 Scrap per 24 Hours.. Players can use the "Extend your Stay" button on their room door to add as many days up front for 1000 scrap for each day.. so players can rent a room for a week for 7K  scrap or a whole wipe at once if they choose for say (30K scrap).

Hope this helps

Thank you for the prompt and detailed reply! :)

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