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Q1: Is it possible to have multiple doors on a room?

Q2: Related to the above. I see in the plugin description that I can change som values from the GUI.
"GUI Tokens". 

How do i change this values? for example room ID. I cant seem to figure out how to open the GUI.



can someone please give me a couple of example on how to use this command?
/room optional:ROOMID reset

Let say my room ID is -489:4:1165.

I have tried all of this commands, but none seems to work:

/room "-489:4:1165"

/room optional:ROOMID

/room optional:-489:4:1165

/room "optional:-489:4:1165"




Q1: Sort of.. I will explain.. the hotel treats each door with a code lock as a room. It then finds everything that the code lock can see and makes it part of the default room. So you can put a door frame inside the room to allow players to add a second door after purchase and they can lock with a keylock.. You will need to edit the zone settings to allow deploying the doors. when a new renter buys the room the door placed by the previous renter will be removed.

Q2: all the text and ui a player sees, can be changed in your hotel.json file in your Oxide "lang" folder, or the "config" folder. "GUI Tokens" are replaced with values when displayed. Take for example the map marker setting "mapMarker": "\t\t\t{name} Hotel\r\n{fnum} of {rnum} Rooms Available\r\n{rp} {rc} per {durHours} Hours", if you want to show duration in Days you could use the Gui Token "durDays". you can edit this setting to change what your server uses for UI.

The ui is opened when the player opens their door or when using the npc id you have that configured and enabled in the hotel.json config file

The RoomID is a fixed value which is actually the cordinates of the code lock on your door. This is used to identity your room and can not be changed.

Q3:  the /room command has a few uses however not needed if you run an automated hotel.. if you are looking at a room and type

  • "/room" it will return the room details including the Id.
  • "/room reset" this resets the room your looking at (kicks the renter out and makes it available to someone else).
  • "/room duration x this sets the end duration to x seconds from NOW.. There must be a valid renter to use this command
  • with the Id you can reset or set the duration of a specific room
    • /room "-489:4:1165" reset
    • /room "-489:4:1165" duration x

Thank you, I understand much more now than I did before your post.

Still, my curiosity takes me back to this command: /room "optional:ROOMID".

AAAAAAHH, And when seeing it again now I completely understand. /room with an optional roomID after. I get it, thanks :-) 


It would be nice with a way to set the room ID manually. In my head I see three use cases:

1. Just talking about a specific room will be much easier

2. Just like a regular hotel, it would be nice to have "Room 101", 102, 103, 104, 201, 202, and so on. And its much easier for a "customer" to remember where the room is, when it is identified like that. Room 202 - floor 2, room 2. Instead of  -489:4:1165

3. Back to my opening question about more doors to a room. With a room identifier, one could have multiple doors connected, so a door can be assigned to a spesific room. Let say for a balcony, heli garage, etc.


And when typing, I also see usecases for rooms that are available for ALL renters, like a big heli garage. 

Or to rent multiple rooms at once. A player could for example rent a furnace room, workbench room, as an addition to their room renting agreement.


I know this isnt a feature thread, so I'll stop here. I could go on for ages 😄

Thanks again for your clarification above. 

I do have an open suggestion thread for features so this is great, I cant fix what i dont know about :-)

I could allow you to alias rooms after the hotel is built, but that would involve you assigning the alias to each door. if you want common doors, I would suggest making your hotel rooms first, (with code locks)  and leave common rooms unlocked.. after you save the hotel, add your code locks to the common rooms and set guest codes. You could then, in the rooms you rent, put the guest code on a sign inside the room. This way they get the codes after they rent the room.

Another option would be to make a Common area "Hotel", next door to the living hotel. you can charge a different rate for it if you like, and make it a long hall with as many doors into it as you want to rent.. Each door can open into the same hallway going to the common area.. each player can rent entrance into the hallway.. 

So in summary players really rent access to a specific code locked door, and the items seen only by that locked door.. what you put behind the door is completely up to you.

There is so many different hotel designs it would be hard to know a naming convention to work for many of them.. I personally dont think users even need to know their Id as you can turn on "show room when using the npc or zone" in the config and it will draw a green arrow pointing to that players room for either condition. the room number is more for admin functions on the room.

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I dont have a problem with adding room aliases if you wanted to set them up, as well as the ability to tweak any settings you like. I only worry that it becomes to many knobs to change.. if the number of steps required to setup a hotel becomes overwelming people wont want to spend the time to make them..

I am also working on a way to tie in an elevator to a Hotel.. ie. if you rent a room on floor X, you can access the elevator to floor X. players would go to the npc, and pick a floor to rent a room on. you could expand this to allow all hotel renters to access floor 4 for instance and put items on there for players.. 

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