Does the owner get paid?Suggestion

Does the hotel owner get paid when he rents out a room? or does the money disapear?

anything collected just gets deleted.. The "Owner" is the server not an actual player. 

Would it be possible to add a option to let the hotels owner get paid. Possibly by Steam ID or to virtual holding area that the owner could collect/redeem once online?

currently only admins can setup and "own" a hotel, Why would they need to get paid?. Are you suggesting letting players setup and run thier own hotels? 

Yes that was my hope that a hotel owner ( a player ) could recive money for the rooms that they rent out. 

currently the fuctionality required to create and manage a hotel in terms of zones and protection would be limited to administators only..

I dont currently have any plans, to expand this access to players, as this would allow players building unraidable bases or zones. This is more of a monument if you will.. 

If there is true interest for many that would like to allow players to make hotels, I can revisit this feature, for now its not in the pipeline.

Bumping this up. At the very minimum, maybe the ability for scrap costs to go to the TC, that way an admin can set the hotel up for the hotel owner, and they can reap the rewards.

I am having a hard time understanding what any "hotel owner" would need to do once an admin sets it up, everything is fully automatic.

However, If you can get 5 other admins to request this, I will code it to allow you to
1. assign an owner to a hotel,
2. provide a way for the assigned owner to recieve the rent paid.

To be honest, why dont you just offer the "hotel owner" a stypen to "manage", if you want them to make something?

The reason is for pve and roleplay servers that have different job owners, we would like it so the hotel owner has to convince players to live in there fine establishment vs building there own home.