Heli loot not reflecting loot from other plugins

Ok, So I am using Heli Control with AlphaLoot. But when I do /callheli the heli loot is only 1-4 items. In AlphaLoot I have it set have 10-14 items per crate. But it is not working. Please help

I'm Also using server rewards for Call Heli for players to buy. Im using PersonalHeli Plugin for ServerRewards.

Command For ServerRewards: personalheli.call $player.id

Drop any questions for more info. thanks

Add me on discord (Fakiee#5053) if you can help. Or just comment here thanks


Do you have custom loot enabled with HeliControl, and if so, do you have it intentionally enabled? I have not tested it with AlphaLoot, but it may not be compatible *if* custom loot is enabled in HeliControl. Otherwise, the loot should be untouched by this plugin, HeliControl.