Server showing as outdated versionSolved
I am having an issue adding umod to my server. I can install Umod just fine , the game plays ,I can add plugins, but as soon as I add Umod the game lobby shows my server is running Alpha 11 and 32 players when it is running Alpha 12 and 40 players before adding umod. Any ideas how I can to fix this?
uMod wouldn't be changing the count, but the latest build is indeed for Alpha 12. I'd suggest trying a re-install, making sure you deleted any already downloaded builds first.
Yes , I jumped the gun and downloaded what i thought was latest but it must have been before it was updated. I re-downloaded and it fixed it. Thanks for the response. This is FIXED
No problem, we don't have any "releases" for it right now, so it's likely you grabbed it before I updated it yesterday. :)
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