Trying to install uMod for Heat


I'm grateful that I'm the first person to revive this section in the last 1 year but it's a post regarding a problem.

I tried to install uMod for Heat using the uMod Agent (PowerShell command) and I got the umod folder within my server folder but it seems to be incomplete. I have apps and umod.lock and that's about it, no plugins or logs.

When I try to type "oxide.version" (without slash) in the console it just sends it as a message in the in-game chat, and if I try to a slash it says that the command was not found.

Is there something I'm missing or has support for Heat been dropped entirely?


I've managed to get it to work by moving some dll's but when I try /oxide.version in the console I get an error message:
"[E] An error occured handling a PlayerCommandEvent[116421483].
[X] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at uMod.Libraries.Lang.GetLanguage (System.String playerId) [0x00000] in <filename unknown:0"

But from what I'm guessing it's because uMod can't reply to the server, a player has to type that command in game?

uMod is not released and support for Heat hasn't been updated in a long time, sorry. I'm not sure if it will be continued or not.

Oh well that's a shame. I don't suppose there are other way to make and install plugins on Heat right?

I don't know of any other mod platforms for it, sorry.