Looks very very interesting plugin, but one main problem with people, they discovery very late all server commands and info.
Any chance to add a setting like this:
Run this command automatically on first tc placement?: "/hq.start %STEAMID%" (%STEAMID% means the comand it self set a name same as player steam name)
So players instantly get forced to find out what is this at all!!!
Also chat replay to a player when he first time placed a tc:
Your base 100% protected, and your protection level will be decreased, depending on how mutch your base loaded by a loot!

I want to try this system on my server, but worry if its to complicate for players! People dont like to read info stuff, and when they place tc and pirst part get automatically set, they get interest about it for sure.  Please let me know if it possible and are you willing to try make it ?