Stealing an HQ

I have the mod running on my server and I noticed that if you start building close to someones HQ and then try to place a TC, it does not let you but it does trigger the conqure HQ and starts it disbanding. Seams like an easy way to get round the protection.

"HeadquartersConfig": {
"Radius": 30,
"MapMarkersEnabled": false,
"TeleportEnabled": false,
"QuitPenaltyHours": 2,
"DistanceToTC": 2,
"InvulnerableTC": false,
"ConquerModeEnabled": true,
"FreeForAllEnabled": true,
"FreeForAllHoursAfterWipe": 311,
"MarkerPrefab": "assets/prefabs/tools/map/genericradiusmarker.prefab",
"ProtectionPercent": 98,
"ProtectionPercentMinimum": 10,
"ProtectionSlotsWithoutPenalty": 120,
"ProtectionPenaltyPercentPerSlot": 1,
"ProtectionConstantSecondsAfterDamage": 300,
"MessagePlayersHeadquarterAttacked": true,
"MessagePlayersHeadquarterDestroyed": true,
"UIEnabled": true,
"UIRefreshRateSeconds": 0,
"UIAnchorMin": {
"X": 0.87,
"Y": 0.905
"UIAnchorMax": {
"X": 0.99,
"Y": 0.96
"AdditionalProtectedEntities": [

Hey KernalFear, thanks for  the heads up.  This should be fixed in 1.1, can you please let me know if its fixed for you?