Player losing there HQ

If you already have an HQ and then authorize on another tool cupboard that has an HQ you will lose your HQ.
However, this behavior is unwanted as a raider. this is because you will lose your HQ if you authorize to the opposing team's tool cupboard.

If this happens as a raider then it's close to impossible to leave the unintentionally joined HQ.

Possible fix. prevent a player that has an HQ from authorizing on a tool cupboard with an HQ. a message to the play could be printed out telling them to leave their current HQ first. The player would have to run a command to leave their current HQ first to join their friend's HQ. add a command for the player that is not a leader to leave HQ. possible command /hq.traitor this would at least give them the ability to leave an HQ. we could also mark them on the map for a set of time lol.

lastly, there is a temp fix by adding the Cupboard Auto Lock plugin. this is not granted because the player can still remove the lock, but should help mitigate the current problem.


I enjoy the plugin as is.  I use the HQ mod to keep the base and loot safe for those who do not like to raid/pvp.  It would be unfair to have an undestructable base while you go out and slaughter the server.

New version should address all the disbanding issues since now there is a quit option.  There is also conquer mode.  0.3.0.