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The HQ plugin is a smashing hit on my server. So much so that the player base has gotten a little cocky. what I mean by that is there building with twig and in some cases only twig. So I have been thinking about the problen of TwigCastle all over my map. do you think setting difrent max protection depending on the grade would solve or at least mitagat this? here is an exampel of what I am thinking.

"building grade": "twig",
"ProtectionPercent": 0.0,
"building grade": "wood",
"ProtectionPercent": 50.0,
"building grade": "stone",
"ProtectionPercent": 75.0,
"building grade": "metal",
"ProtectionPercent": 90.0,
"building grade": "toptier",
"ProtectionPercent": 100.0,



Hey Lizard, that's pretty funny! πŸ˜†. Glad to hear your players are enjoying it. So thinking about this it may be confusing for the players to see a protection % of 100 at the top but then their buildings are still getting destroyed. Β Any ideas of how to go about this in an intuitive way?

Also maybe you're being too generous with the free slots? Β Last time we spoke it was like at 190 right? Β Maybe you can try 120 and see how it goes? Β The other thing you can do is set a maximum protection percent of 99. Β That would mean nothing is truly invulnerable so they may think twice about just using twig. Β 

One thing we may want to take into account is perhaps they like the rustic look of the twig more than the aesthetic of the other materials. Β It could just be more of a creativity thing in this case.

I guess adding it to the UI would be the best approach. I just photo-edited a concept example. Mabey the order could be different. Although for this to be intuitive then the map marker should match as well.Β 

Here is what I came up with for the UI and map marker.

I imagine this is what the player would see if they were using every single building grade.

A player base with only twig.
UI twigΒ maker twig

A player base with stone, metal, and HQM base.
UI stone metal HQMΒ map marker stone metal HQM

Each ring would represent the building grade. but as I was making this post there is the matter of resizing the map markers close to the building privilege size.

I do not know how to write code but I do work with other dev so maybe they rubbed off on me. If I sound like an idiot please forgive me lol.

If I was going to write the logic for the map marker size. the parent map marker would be the largest and the lowest building grade applicable would be the parent. so if the stone building grade was the lowest it would be the parent and all other grades would be children to it.Β 

this is assuming that you can even layer the map markers. perhaps this could be handled with opacity.

I am asking alot here I know.Β 

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Also setting my max protection to 99 and shrinking my slot size is a fair point. I will explore these settings.

This is a neat concept man and I like the circular indicator UI design. Β The main issue here is this is too complex. Β The complexity comes from the fact that today protection is one dimensional, meaning everything has the same percent applied to it. Β If you wish to have this protection by material and to show it based on materials used it means you have to query for which materials the user's base is made up of and it has to be refreshed often so you can keep the UI up to date. Β This requires us to analyze each entity in the base which is quite expensive in performance. Β Right now we just analyze the one which was attacked when the event happens. Β Hope this makes sense.

Just got back into town. Well, that suck but I do understand the performance cost.

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