(Suggestion/Request) Apply HQ protection to everything in range, or whitelist additional items

Hey hey,

Been loving the plugin and the support you've been giving it. It's a main feature in my 100x server to give builders/defenders more of a chance. 

I've been thinking about how you allow the HQ defense to apply to doors, and if it's (reasonably) possible to expand that list. Chain fences, turrets, and windows are some sigificant parts in our defenses, and they get melted pretty fast in comparison. The workaround is just walls upon walls, and 100s of turrets to try and soak up rocket barrages.

Now, of course this is a request from someone on a 100x, so it probably isn't much of a concern to more traditional servers, but I was just wondering if anything like this could be done without too much of a headache on your part. Maybe even just having a whitelist where we could add in shortnames for the items we want the reductions to apply to would be great.

Thanks again for all you do, Digital

Hey West, 

Thanks for the kind words!  Its my pleasure to help out the community in this small way. It's actually not difficult to add protection to more game objects.  Actually early versions of the mod worked for all deployables.  However, I had a theory that this could cause performance issues in large servers because it has to run the protection code every time something of that type is attacked.  So by limiting it to buildings and doors it should get executed less often.  However let me see if there is a more configurable way to go about this like you mentioned and give the choice to the admin.  

Ahh yeah I was wondering how taxing the plugin might be if it has to constantly monitor damage to each item. The server I run has rather low pop, plus I'm getting a server upgrade soon, so I'd love to see even a blank whitelist where I could add a few choice items one by one and see how things go.

I appreciate the reply. If you manage to get something working I'd love checking it out. As I said before, this plugin is a game changer for the server. Very glad I found it.

Hey West,

I added the ability to specify the prefab name in the config for other types of items you want protected.  I added a few default ones but if you don't care about performance you can just put these two: "deploy" and "building".  They're part of the name of most entities in bases so it should cover almost everything.  Please give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Holy hell thanks for doing it so quickly! I am about to head out for a few hours, but I will test this as soon as I can and let you know how things go.

I am so excited to play around with this. It'll change a lot of things on my server.

You're the MVP

Heh no worries, it was only a couple of lines.  It always did bug me that windows were not protected.  So now they can be :)