Support other StorageTyps

coffins are not supported, so I added them. I also use SecureChests plugin. that one is outside my wheelhouse to add lol it basically gives players assets/prefabs/deployable/chinooklockedcrate/chinooklockedcrate.prefab to store their items. it has a data file so ya.

I could midagat the SecureChests by setting a 30day cooldown. If I find any other storageTyps I could add them to this threed.


        private static readonly string[] StorageTypes = {

I added the coffin one but I need to investigate the chinook one a bit more to ensure its not exploitable. 

cool if you need code let me know.

So my concern would be if that storage type is also on the chinook and some mod gives the player control of the chinook.  You could then load up it's storage with stuff, fly it into a base and that would affect the base's protection level.  Is that possible?  

no it is not possible with this plugin. I sent you a dm.