Disbanding Issue

This is what I have set in my config;
DisbandPenaltyHours": 0.25

A player's HQ was raided and TC destroyed almost exactly an hour ago. They are still unable to set a new HQ, as its still in the Disbanding process.

Hmmm, Reloaded the plugin and restarted the Server. Checked this morning and the players HQ is still in the Disbanding process.

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Haha, so it took 25 hours for the base to disband. I figured 0.25 would be 15 minutes.

Oh man, this is exactly what I have it set to. If this is actually the case, that makes a ton of sense why there are so many dark disbanding circles on my server.

Thanks for testing it out!

Edit: Seems like setting it to 0 doesn't disable the disband timer. Is there any way to get it under 1 hour for people?

Hey guys, I updated this check so that it converts it to minutes.  So the config is still in hours but if you put .25 it will work as 15 minutes.  Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you.