Weird issues

So, one of my players bases was just at 100% protection. A few people came alond and started destoying some turrets she had outside of her base. Her base is now at 85% protection and we have no idea why.

Please help

Update: Strange, the base went back up to 100% shortly after. The same things keeps happeneing when people destroy her turrets.


Is it possible she filled some slots during that time?  While she is being raided it will not recalculate the protection amount.  Is it possible she did a change a few minutes before but it didn't take effect until 5 minutes after the last attack?  Perhaps she saw a number, and assumed that it was the real protection percentage but it was just because she had been attacked recently.  After a few minutes she may have checked again but by then the "constant" protection while raiding is going on went away and it recalculated based on the number of items in storage at the time.  I'm thinking this is what may have happened.

Also can you tell me what type of turrets she had outside?

I did some tests on my local machine, set up an auto turret with a rifle and filled all the ammo slots.  I then destroyed the turret and checked the protection level and it remained unchanged.  If you can give me a bit more details I may be able to investigate further.

I had a player with %100 protection, one of his sentry turrets was destroyed by another player and in chat said his HQ has fallen.

PnUB3vggqzC2J5A.png LizardMods

I had a player with %100 protection, one of his sentry turrets was destroyed by another player and in chat said his HQ has fallen.

ok, I have loaded up the test server and tested this and it is not the auto-turrets. if you have a multiple TC build and an external TC is left to decay the hole base losses protection.

Hey LizardMods, thanks a lot for reporting this. I have an idea of how I can support multiple TCs.  I didn't know this was possible to have so that's why it's goin down after any TC is destroyed inside the HQ area.  I will have to check that the TC destroyed is at the location of where the headquarter was started.  I'll get back to you when I have a fix, probably tomorrow since I'm traveling today.

Hey LizardMods,

I added some code to the code to help a bit with the multiple TC inside one HQ.  I made it so that when its checking if the HQ was destroyed, it first looks at the distance to tc parameter.  So it could still happen with multiple TC but it should be almost impossible unless they put two TC right next to each other.  Please give it a shot and let me know.