Suggestion for info on server stack limit + damage reduction values. (Or help adding them)

Hey there,

Know nothing about C# but wanted to just add some extra string into the help command. Doesn't update so I assume it's more complicated than that. But it would be nice to have specific info on stack limit and damage reduction per server since we can adjust those values, and even base values are not listed anywhere (that I can see) for the players to read. Something like this: Line I tried to edit



Expanding on this idea: Having a command (or just containing it within the / section) which provides players with the server's config settings. These 4 values alone would help players avoid any guesswork on plugin values.

Protection Starting Percent: 100.0
Protection Percent Minimum: 10.0
Protection Slots Without Penalty: 30.0
Protection Penalty Percent Per Slot: 1.5



Hey Westmantooth,

Yeah I get what you mean, this would be very good to know for the players.  Let me think about the best way to go about this.

Regarding your particular need to update the text.  So what happens is the plugins define the default strings which get written out to the language files.  The first time you run the plugin it builds out a lang file.  In your case you probably don't want to modify the actual plugin, but instead the language file created.  You can do this in the server files I believe in the oxide/lang/en/Headquarters.json file.  You could also add various versions of the lang file for different languages.

Aweome, I will give that a shot tonight. Thanks for the reply!

Really enjoying the whole concept of this plugin. Very good work, Digital.

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Your solution worked! Did the same changes in the lang folder and the info is now popping up.

Thanks for the feedback!  Glad it worked for you!  By the way I released an update which adds UI element to the top which always shows the current protection level when you're part of a headquarter.  I also added the details you requested in the /hq.check command.

10/10 Digital

Really appreciate the work you put into this!

You're welcome!  Please let me know if you encounter any issues.