Base gets stronger as you raid

A player on my Server reported this;


Is this a bug?

Haha that's pretty funny.  It's working as intended really.  There are some cases like this where it can be awkward but the benefits outweigh the cons.  The headquarter's TC is always 100% protected no matter how much storage the user has though.  So you can't really "take" a headquarter base, although you can loot all their stuff.  Perhaps I'll change this if people think it's not a good idea.  Also yeah you have to be strategic in how you loot.  If you find a box and start taking stuff before you break through all the walls then the subsequent walls will be stronger since there will be less items in storage containers there.

I'm open to suggestions if you have some ideas on how to improve this functionality though.

Merged post

I made a few configurable changes to be able to prevent this.  I added two config options, one is whether TCs are invulnerable.  The other maintains the protection level constant for a certain amount of time after the base is damaged (while being raided). Please give it a shot and let me know.