Hello I've added a patch i'd be greatful if you could have a look at it.

I have some additional plugins that require these hooks in order to work; then I can publish the plugins for extended GUIShop features.

I've added a few hooks that are needed in order to be able to customize the pricing behaviour of the shop, and also to be able to receive notice when a purchase has occurred.

Note that instead of pulling item prices directly from the `ShopItem.SellPrice` it now pulls the price from the `GetSellPrice` method...this allows price changes to be injected without affecting the original value.  GetSellPrice has a hook which allows other plugins to set a different price (such as if they want to make it cheaper or more expensive for certain players etc...).

Let me know if there are any problems and I can address them.

Hello, I have been working on importing your patch into my upcoming feature update since you had first submitted it.
GUIShop currently has some issues with transactions with custom currencies/custom items that I have been working on patching.

Adding a hook that directly modifies that isn't an ideal time right now until the existing issues get resolved.
Only then can I implement your hook call request and update the other existing guishop features to support such a hook.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I can only work so fast on updating 715 lines of 9 different language files manually.
I have four other translation files to go through still that people have submitted to me in private messages.
It takes me about 3 hours to go through the translations for one supported language to confirm that the messages are as accurate as can be.

So I ask you to be patient with me while I find time to work through everything.
There is always a request for feature updates in regards to the guishop plugin. 🙂

Also, I have done six different updates alone within the last two weeks for this plugin between the beta branch and master.
Not including the ones I do for people that help pre-beta test for me.

I have pushed a beta update Beta Update 2.2.49

I have resolved all the issues regarding custom currency and custom item names.
However, I still need to finish doing all of the language files.
In any case, I would like you to test my latest beta update
GUIShop will recommend requiring StackModifier to function with items using custom names. ( StackModifier was just updated to 1.1.9 )

I do not know how this update may affect your plugins with the hooks added.

Some notable changes have been made. 
* Updated Currency Systems to include custom item names
* Updated All Get and Take Methods to include custom item name checks
* Fixed Custom Item names not being applied to items bought


Feel free to add me on discord as well Discord ID > Khan#8615

Merged post

The latest beta update has your hooks in it Beta update 2.2.493

Read update notes for the known bug currently relating to condition values. ( work in progress )