Console Command Fails For Me

I am unable to start Guarded Crate using the Console command. I did recreate the Data, Config and Lang files. I need to use the Console command in order to have Timed Execute run my command to start a specific event on a schedule at a specified location.

The command I am using is:  "gcrate position Hard 500.99,61.03,479.03": 120

I have the time value set short to test things.

I just started an event in consol with no problems.

gcrate start <event-name|optional>, start specified event or random if none specified.
So i typed
> gcrate start easy    (and got)

Event starting.

Interesting. I tried it just now with using "start" in the command, and just a basic command, but it did not work for me. I thought how I wrote the command was exactly how it is listed on the plugin page. Since I did not see a way to disable each event level I deleted the ones I did not want and only left the "Hard" one. I now wonder if that has messed things up. I have deleted the plugin along with all its parts and reinstalled from scratch too. I may well have a plugin conflict but really have no idea how to go about troubleshooting that. 

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I should have added that the Chat command works as expected. It is only the Console command(s) that fail for me. It strikes me odd that this could be possible, but... - could a conflict occur that would only impact the Console commands in a plugin ?

@Bazz3l I have also had players on srtbull's Discord have the same issue as me in that Console commands do not work as expected.