Problem with Umod Update

I added the most recent update into my server, start it up and it gave me a TypeLoadException for BasePlayer. I ended up having to pull the Assembly-CSHarp.dll file from last months update back into my Managed file to get the server to start running.

TypeLoadException: Invalid type BasePlayer for instance field Oxide.Game.Rust.Libraries.Covalence.RustPlayer:player
at Oxide.Game.Rust.Libraries.Covalence.RustCovalenceProvider.CreatePlayerManager () [0x00011] in <8a36bb4bbfc641f9aabc744c13b4ab2a>:0
at Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence.Covalence.Initialize () [0x001c9] in <18d4f19bbc844191b11ed9e69284d09b>:0
at Oxide.Core.OxideMod.Load () [0x00506] in <18d4f19bbc844191b11ed9e69284d09b>:0
at Oxide.Core.Interface.Initialize () [0x0001c] in <18d4f19bbc844191b11ed9e69284d09b>:0
at Bootstrap.Init_Tier0 () [0x000ee] in <d104bd9431fb46e3a23ef8d5f90cd4ac>:0
at Bootstrap+<Start>d__17.MoveNext () [0x003ab] in <d104bd9431fb46e3a23ef8d5f90cd4ac>:0
at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00026] in <fcaf289839f24125a059795f150fce14>:0

Sounds like some files didn't get properly updated, what host are you using?

I got it. Ended up saving my files and reinstalling everything