Override the default permission group

Hi all,

I help manage a Rust server and we have a number of plugins.

I would like to make some 'Challenge' groups. However I am having some issues with the setup. By default I want players to join and experience the server with the plguins we have enabled and configured, so keeping these in the default group is ideal then we do not have to add someone to another group when they join.

Because we have the majority of plugins in the default group, they are being inherrited and default will override the other groups.

For example:
backpacks.use.5 & backpacks.use are applied to default.
But in Challenge group 1 I want to disable the use of backpacks

However this does not work, as the default group is overriding this.


Is there a way I can override the default permission group?
Is this something I can do with the permissions rank?
Struggling to work out how the ranks work, if thats the way to go?

ok, I think this could be a moot point, as I have been able to easily remove myself as a test fromt he default group and add to the challenge group.

If anyone has better ideas of how to do this, please let me know :)