How to add command for a buyable vip from guishop

Hey there im trying to add a buyable vip option through guishop plugin using betterchat. ive created a vip group, now im trying to add the code for vip but not sure what i need to insert. this is what ive done so far but coming up with error...

  "Shop - Shop List": {
    "VIP": {
      "DisplayName": "VIP",
      "CraftAsDisplayName": false,
      "Shortname": "VIP",
      "ItemId": 0,
      "MakeBlueprint": false,
      "AllowSellOfUsedItems": false,
      "Condition": 0.0,
      "EnableBuy": true,
      "EnableSell": false,
      "Image": "",
      "SellPrice": 1.0,
      "BuyPrice": 1.0,
      "BuyCooldown": 0,
      "SellCooldown": 0,
      "BuyQuantity": [],
      "SellQuantity": [],
      "BuyLimit": 1,
      "BuyLimitResetCoolDown": 0,
      "SwapLimitToQuantityBuyLimit": false,
      "SellLimit": 0,
      "SellLimitResetCoolDown": 0,
      "SwapLimitToQuantitySoldLimit": false,
      "KitName": "",
      "Command": [

Any helpw ould be appreciated

You should post this in GUIShop help and read the GUIShop dscription -- Is no longer used at the moment being re-worked for feature update..

ended up making it work, can now buy vip permission option through guishop