How to take back a title from a group?

So, this adds a title to a group: set vip "[VIP Member]"

But how do I remove the title if I don't want it anymore?

Also noticing that I can't see any titles after giving a title to a group.
Just used the lines above but nothing.
Is it because I use Better Chat?

I don't think there are any plugins that actually utilize the titles from Oxide groups. I believe Better Chat handles titles on its own.

Ok. But I put myself in the vip group and set a title for it after but when writing in chat no title appeared.
What could I've done wrong.
Console said group vip changed so I guess it should have worked out correctly.

Someone would have to use that title to show it, it won't appear without a plugin that actually uses it from there.

Oh! I thought it would appear in chat no matter what. Ok. Thank you.