API for checking for plugin updates?

Hello and sorry to re-open this topic ( API for checking for plugin updates?), it is locked and I can't respond to it anymore. I have an additional question, is it possible to get all the plugins in one or a few calls? I see that for now the number of results per page is 10. Is it possible to increase this value? I would like to make a few requests per day and cache the results. But with only 10 results per page that would be a lot of requests to make.

Thank you for your time.

I don't think there's a way to get more results at this time, but I know that Calytic was working on a newer method, an actual API for that sort of thing.

Thanks for your response. Is there anyway to talk with him to know if he planned to release this soon?

The new endpoints are already active, I PM'd you with details.