Pagination keeps resetting after viewing resourceFixed
This is so fucking frustrating when you open up the page 10 and you choose a plugin you want to view more about and then go to previous page it scrolls back to page 1. Make page numbers to be requested using $_GET requests instead of creating this damn stupid JavaScript shit everywhere. Problem will be solved when browser navigates back to previous page which contains $_GET variable holding the page number.

I've been scripting websites in PHP over 15 years now and I'm getting seriously tired when people have to fulfill their website with crap, because it must be so damn "nice" looking.

I don't want sound rude, but I'm just straight and serious.

Check this out:
A simple "AJAX pagination is not compatible with browser history" would be sufficient.  We can address that.
I can middle click tho. Just frustrating.
Pagination should now support proper browsing history.  This will require some more work for consistency but the spirit of your request is complete.
Good work. I want to apologize last behaviour as I were already a bit pissed up when my dedicated server provider provided a dedicated with a wrong CPU two times in a row and I tried to explain that "You provided me a Xeon v2 instead of Xeon v3 that was advertised on front page and I/O operations are not working properly, because package manager extracts 30MB package for 15 minutes" and had to talk like 24 hours to make them understand and respond. So sorry about that. Sometimes when I talk I might be a bit offensive when I start bombing some straight words.
Thanks for the apology.  I'll take you off "the list" now :P
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