Copyright for plugins based on Oxide or other libraries?Solved
I would like to know if a code made in C#, exposed for anyone to see and edit like the ones made for the Rust game, which works with the Oxide compiler has Copyright.

I can get any plugins that exist for Rust and none of them are encrypted or obscured, all are open and I am free to edit, so is there copyright for the plugins?
Many plugins on the website have a license specified, you could read that if you do not know what it is about - most common one here is MIT.
LMAO not the first person to take free mods on this site and try to sell them.
Plugins are licensed individually, which can be seen on each plugin's page. The licenses for Oxide can also be found on their repos at If you are unfamiliar with licensing, see
I do not sell or intend to sell free plugins. 

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Thanks, I intend to publish plugins made by me in a while, and I really wanted to know if I had ways to protect them.
C# is a very open language, so protecting it in terms of source can be challenging. Our Marketplace will have some options to help with this, but it is more of a deterrent than a guaranteed protection. In terms of copyright though, we try to prevent copying on our site, and from other places to ours if reported.
Unfortunately... I would like to create for example a plugin for the player to change the language of the server messages, and I would like to sell it for (Example) $10 but the code is completely exposed, if someone takes my plugin and sells it in another shop than mine, what can I do?
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