Thread keeps disappearingSolved
I've posted a question a few times now but it keeps disappearing - posting in the Game Support/Rust section... any idea why it disappears?
Your thread appeared to be a duplicate thread of your original thread, but someone had already deleted your original one as you blanked it out. In the future, please use the Report button rather than blanking the thread out and a moderator will move it if necessary, but it wasn't necessary in your case.

Feel free to post it again, and sorry for the inconvenience!
Will do, thanks - I thought I was going mad!
Been there!

Merged post

Been there! Wish could delete stuff.

Part of the gamification system where you unlock stuff and get badges and upvotes. @Calytic
ya i wish we had the like button back.
ya i wish we had the like button back.
It has never existed in this forum, but it is an open issue.
Locked automatically