Excavator resource rate help please.Solved


I am having a hard time with my config for the excevator. I want to make it 5x vanilla rates. I can see vanilla gets about 40 HQM per 1 crude oil. I am getting around 4.5k HQM per 1 crude oil. I am having difficulty getting my config right to fit 5x vanilla. This should equate to about 200 HQM per 1 crude oil from my calculations. Can I please get help? Here is my config:

"Options": {
"ExcavatorBeltSpeedMax": 0.1,
"ExcavatorResourceModifiers": {},
"ExcavatorResourceTickRate": 5.0,
"ExcavatorTimeForFullResources": 120.0,
"GatherDispenserModifiers": {
"Flesh": 5.0,
"Ore": 5.0,
"Tree": 5.0

I fixed it~

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