Pickup rates not working

Pickup rates arent working with gather manager. They are changed correctly in config and using control panel but in game they are still set to vanilla? 

Yeah it is odd, in the other thread it is said to be an issue with umod/oxide, but I just downloaded and overwrote all the files in the server and there is still no increased rates.

In the plugin. the code

 if (ExcavatorResourceTickRate != DefaultMiningQuarryResourceTickRate)
                excavator.InvokeRepeating("ProcessResources", ExcavatorResourceTickRate, ExcavatorResourceTickRate);​

But for the excavator, i think it should be  :

 if (ExcavatorResourceTickRate != DefaultExcavatorResourceTickRate)
                excavator.InvokeRepeating("ProduceResources", ExcavatorResourceTickRate, ExcavatorResourceTickRate);​

"ProduceResources" instead of "ProcessResources"
"ProcessResources"is used for quarry