Loot Problems

So i have a serious Loot Problem on my server.
No player has found a SMG body on the server, there is too many electrical stuff dropping, Oil Barrels only give either lowgrade fuel or diesel, normally it should be both.
There are not enough comps, like springs, water pipes etc.
I found nothing in the config for that. I only use this Plugin for double Stone etc, but i think this one is the issue. If there is a setting for this, or you need a log/config file etc let me know! :D

Plugins: BetterLoot, GatherManager, InventoryViewer, PlayerAdministration, StackSizeController, TimeOfDay, WipeSchedule.

I also have no DLC Stuff

In BetterLoot you need to edit Oxide>data>BetterLoot>LootTables, there is a handy website u can find by googling "BetterLoot website" this will make editing this file far easier.

Hope this helps.

Hmmm, thats weird because there is everything at normal at the BetterLoot list.

And in the GatherManager config, i dont know what QuarryResourceModifiers and SurveyResourceModifieres is

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Can you please tell me where in the file to edit the oil barrels, and where to edit that it give less electrical stuff and attire?

HIGHLY recomend finding the website I spoke about the my last post as editing the BetterLoot LootTables file itself is a headache, I sadly cannot link it to you as per this websites rules. There you will find every box barrel in the game and can edit how much or little items you want.