Rates increased for more items than wantedSolved
I've changed it that when you harvest corps it will only harvest as Vanilla however my server is 10x but when you harvest a corps it multi plays the items by 10. I would like it to only multiply by 1 for corpses. 

My config,
"Options": {
"GatherDispenserModifiers": {
"Flesh": 1.0,
"*": 10.0
"GatherResourceModifiers": {
"*": 10.0,
"CCTV Camera": 2.0,
"Targeting Computer": 2.0
"MiningQuarryResourceTickRate": 10.0,
"PickupResourceModifiers": {
"*": 10.0
"QuarryResourceModifiers": {
"*": 10.0
"SurveyResourceModifiers": {
"*": 10.0
From my understanding, you're using a wildcard *, so that applies to all items.
True wildcard to apply to everything however if you look at the following description in the mod "

Note: Keep in mind that if the name of the items has one or more spaces in it that you need to use quotes! Ex.Metal Ore -> "Metal Ore"

It is also possible to specify * as the item to increase the rate on all the items by that value, except those that were added manually; ex. to have everything x10 and wood x2 you could use gather.rate dispenser wood 2 and gather.rate dispenser * 10.

you should be able to split and allow selected items only to multiply by the diffrent amount.

if my config I did but it doesn't do that

Try this

gather.rate dispenser "Human Skull" 1
gather.rate dispenser "Bone Fragments" 1
gather.rate dispenser "Animal Fat" 1
gather.rate dispenser "Raw Human Meat" 1
gather.rate dispenser "Cloth" 1
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