Its bug? And the requestNot An Issue

Items are not picked, they are just copied to your inventory and incremented. Is it a malfunction?


Is it possible to limit the items that can be picked by item id?

That is the purpose of the plugin, to copy the item you are looking at much like the "pick block" function in minecraft where you can middle mouse click and get the block you are looking at.


Also no, it's not currently possible to limit which ones can be picked, however this could be something I will add at a later date.

ahhh wait, i think this is a spec, not a bug, is it. If so, I would like a setting item that can delete the copy destination item even if SPRINT is not pressed.


Thank you for your prompt response, the timing of the reply was the same.

описание исправь!!! нужно не ПОДБОР ПРЕДМЕТОВ а КОПИРОВАНИЕ