Sleeping Bag remove


How do i remove Sleeping Bags outside of TC range with that?
this is my config
"Interval": 3600,
"CleanupBuildings": false,
"CleanupDeployables": true,
"RemoveOutsidePrivilege": true,
"OutsideHealthFractionTheshold": 1.0,
"RemoveInsidePrivilege": false,
"InsideHealthFractionTheshold": 0.0,
"Whitelist": [],
"CheckOwnerIdPrivilegeAuthorized": true

But no sleeping bag will be removed.
please help

I think you have to increase the OutsideHealthFractionThreshold to greater than 1.0. When it is set at 1.0 it will only delete items that are at 99% health or lower, I think, based on my understanding of the code. I increased mine to 1.5 and it deleted sleeping bags and other entities that were at 100% health.