Entities not being removedBug

From what I can see, this isn't working. I tried cleanup deployables & cleanup (deployables), nothing happens, not even a response in console acknowleging I inputed the command. Everything still standing. Set the timer to 30 seconds and waited a couple minutes, nothing ever happened.

Thanks for the report, investigating.
Okay thanks, I thought you were gonna say I was doing the command wrong. This plugin would be great for me. ObjectRemover used to have a similar automatic system, but that went away when misticos took it over for some reason. :(
Any update?
Any update?

I wound up going with Deekay off the CC website to aggressively decay stuff outside TC

Any update?
This is a pointless question. The plugin will be updated when I get free time to update it, no need to keep asking such things.
"4 weeks later :( "
8 weeks later any update :)
Is this working?
it only works if u type cleanup in console
the timer version does nothing so i gather the problem lays there

Use timedexecute to run the command cleanup and it works fine
Ignore my short timer as im using it for test purposes ONLY

"TimerRepeat": {
"cleanup": 60,
"say Cleanup in Progress": 58

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kk after testing this for a good 3 hours - everything has been removed on time and it only removed what was not in tc range.
Seems to work fine if using it with TimedExecute as a command