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Love the plugin! Some suggestions as id like to maybe find a way to integrate this into my server.

1.) Make it so console commands work in addition to chat commands. This way I can make them purchaseable in my /shop, where on purchase it executes the console command.

2.) Configurable weapon durability. So in the config you can set it to get x amount of uses.

Just thought of this as I was writing. I originially thought after its been broken you can just buy a new taser, but perhaps you can make it so they can be "recharged" in workbenches similar to jackhammers. OR make it so your taser needs "ammo" which actually is a battery. You have a battery in your inventory(the small ones that can only be spawned rn) when you "reload" the taser your battery gives you x amounts of shots with the taser, and you need to reload with other batteries from your inventory to get more shots.

Another idea that some peoppe may like for their servers is making an assignable oxide perm electrictaser.use so perhaps if people want they can limit who can use the taser.

Feel free to shoot me a message on discord eassimak#1713 if youd like to chat more about my thoughts


Hi there,
thank you for using my plugin and the kind words.

  1. This is a really good point and I wanted to add console commands for all my plugins in general. So this will definitely happen! Don't know if this is relevant to you, but I also thought about adding an API for use in other plugins etc. I was and am still busy preparing stuff for the next wipe, but I will continue work on this asap afterwards.
  2. This sounds really interessting to me and will give it a better integration in the normal gameworld! Although I think I have to split it for a later update. But I will get back to you, thank you for sharing your discord.
  3. The permission thing also come up in another thread here and I will add this asap.

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Hi again,
I pushed an update (v2.0.0). You can now grant permissions for general use and for use on npcs. I also updated the plugin type so that chat commands are console commands at the same time. This should enable you to sell the tasers like you described it.

For the durability part: I will have a closer look at this in the near future and will contact you when I will start working on it.
Also I skipped the mentioned but not requested API part for now.

Let me know if I missed something or if you're facing any problems.

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Thank you for the update! 

We tried setting the waterpistol as the tazer but the plugin didnt like that, not sure if thats doable or not.


Only other thing would be alternative to the durability option is the ability to have it run on ammo. Id picture it as you have a config option for ammo type, and how many uses per 1 ammo. In my idea id have the small batteries be like a charge pack for the tazer and with 1 battery you can get say like 5 shots with the taser before having to reload.

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Also another suggestion from my community, being able to use gmod hammer gun as taser?