Resets Data and Config files for true pve and zone managerSolved

So in order for me to change anything in zone manager and true pve data files without it defaulting the config upon reload, I have to unload Dynamic pvp save the changes in either true pve or zone manager then load dynamic pvp. if dynamic pvp is still loaded whilst changing it defaults my saves back to default. Why?

πŸ˜…The plugin does not require you to modify the zonemanager data file

I know this but when trying to add welcome or leave messages in zone manager with dynamic pvp loaded it defaults it and it also does the same for true pve. for any changes to actually save i have to unload dynamic pvp. Im not worried about it tho. seeing a lot of the support on here never get answered or you get snude douchey comments. so, im good with unloading the plugin to make changes instead of made to feel like an idiot asking for help. later tater.Β 

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