Issues with 4.2.11

These issues started after updating the plugin earlier today.

- It seems the PVP delay is getting stuck in PVP Mode when leaving a PVP Zone. To clarify, I use Zone PVx Info and it seems to get stuck on PVP Delay when leaving a zone. Tested with some players and confirmed this is just a visual bug. 

- If I reload DynamicPVP, the bubbles dont go away, they end up doubling up when the plugin is reloaded.

- Ive tried completely unloading the plugin (removing from Plugins folder), though the Domes persist with the plugin completely unloaded. I dont use Zone Domes, AutoZones or anything like that. Just TruePVE, DynamicPVP and Zone PVx Info.

I have added //Requires: TruePVE to the .CS with no change. 

I have reverted to the previos build, which resolved the PVP delay getting stuck.. Only issues now is I need to figure out how to completely wipe the domes, as they are soo dark no after reloading the plugin multiple times. I also tried turning off the domes in the config and reloading the plugin. Domes persist. I'm hoping this will clear up once I reboot my Server tonight. Sticking to the older buiuild for now.

The new version just changes the command-related code and I will test it 

Merged post

In the latest version it is working, probably due to a bug that occurred yesterday, I just fixed it

Thank you! Looks like that resolved the issue :)