[API/Accessibility Request] Public configuration class accessors and additional hooks

Hi, looking to create a custom addon for this plugin. Could we public out some config settings so that we can extend them, and also add a hook to the GetBaseEventS / HandleDeleteDynamicZone functions? It would be as follows:

Private types to be made public-

public abstract class BaseEventS
public class DomeMixedEventS : BaseEventS, IDomeEvent
public class BotDomeMixedEventS : DomeMixedEventS, IBotReSpawnEvent
public class TimedEventS : BotDomeMixedEventS, ITimedEvent

public abstract class BaseDynamicZoneS
public class SphereCubeDynamicZoneS : BaseDynamicZoneS, ICubeZone, ISphereZone​

Hook inside of GetBaseEventS-

private BaseEventS GetBaseEventS(string eventName)
    var getBaseEvent = Interface.CallHook("OnGetBaseEventS", eventName);
    if (getBaseEvent != null && getBaseEvent is BaseEventS)
        return (BaseEventS)getBaseEvent;

Hook inside of HandleDeleteDynamicZone-
private void HandleDeleteDynamicZone(string zoneID)
    if (Interface.CallHook("OnHandleDeleteDynamicZone", zoneID) != null)

I made the changes locally and am packaging it as such, would just appreciate it being in the official umod version.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

Sorry for the code cleanupπŸ˜‚