PVP Delay not working on General Events (i.e. supply drops)

I tried this on a local hosted server and it seemed to work then, but after moving the configuration over to my live server, it seems I'm having some issues with the dynamic PVP zones around random events. I know for sure it's not working the way I had it for supply signals, I've not been able to test this on patrol helicopter yet.

I've got it set-up so that the event starts once the supply signal is released from the aircraft, the event ends when it's looted and there should be a 60 second PVP Delay.

When the drop is released, the dome forms correctly and while the drop is going down, moving in and out of the dome correctly triggers PVP or PVP Delay.

However, as soon as someone loots the drop, instead of going into the 60 second PVP Delay, the system goes from PVP to PVE instantly.

I've also played around with having a set duration (so don't end when looted, but just set the duration for the event). As soon as the time is up and the zone is removed, it goes from PVP > PVE instantly.

How do I get it back to having a 60 second PVP Delay after the event has ended?


This is my config for the supply signal:

"Supply Signal Event": {
"Enable Event": true,
"Enable PVP Delay": true,
"PVP Delay Time": 60.0,
"Enable Domes": true,
"Domes Darkness": 8,
"Delay In Starting Event": 0.0,
"Delay In Stopping Event": 0.0,
"TruePVE Mapping": "dynamic",
"Use Blacklist Commands (If false, a whitelist is used)": true,
"Command List (If there is a '/' at the front, it is a chat command)": [],
"Dynamic PVP Zone Settings": {
"Zone Radius": 100.0,
"Zone Size": {
"x": 0.0,
"y": 0.0,
"z": 0.0
"Zone Rotation": 0.0,
"Fixed Rotation": false,
"Zone Comfort": 0.0,
"Zone Radiation": 0.0,
"Zone Temperature": 0.0,
"Enable Safe Zone": false,
"Eject Spawns": "",
"Zone Parent ID": "",
"Enter Message": null,
"Leave Message": null,
"Permission Required To Enter Zone": "",
"Extra Zone Flags": []
"Enable Bots (Need BotSpawn Plugin)": false,
"BotSpawn Profile Name": "",
"Event Duration": 600.0,
"Start Event When Spawned (If false, the event starts when landed)": true,
"Stop Event When Killed": true,
"Event Timer Starts When Looted": false


Can confirm its fixed, thank you very much for the update!