How to have dome around airdrops disappear after 10 minutes?

Just installed and am loving the mod on my limited PVP server!

I have it working that when the plane drops a supply drop (called or random), a dome appears to mark the area as a pvp zone. When it gets looted, the dome dissapears - but I would also like the dome to dissapear if no one loots it for say 10 minutes. Can this be done?

I have these three lines:

"Event Duration": 600.0,
"Start Event When Spawned (If false, the event starts when landed)": true,
"Stop Event When Killed": true,

I assume event duration should determine how long the dome stays for (in seconds?) - but the dome seems to stay forever (until looted). So maybe the "Stop event when Killed" overwrites the timer?

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Did some further testing and yes, it appears that if "Stop Event When Killed" is used, then the "Event Duration" is ignored - maybe a feature update to be able to do both?

Find these two lines in the .cs and delete them, will not override the duration

                var iTimedDisable = baseEventS as ITimedDisable;
                if (iTimedDisable == null || !iTimedDisable.IsTimedDisabled())