TC Zone SPawns

Putting this here because I replied to a dead thread this morning - It would be handy to force a zone on all TCs. If we can couple it with zone manager and edit the sizes it would go a long ways to allowing raiding while preventing KOS outside of raids. I personally don't need the TC's range in particular, but just a bubble attached to one that I can edit the parameters for. It would be useful if the script just searched for all cupboard.tool entities and spawned on those. Defaults of 30-50 should cover 99% of bases I'd think.
Even a suggestion on implementing this ourselves is mightily helpful! I'm guessing there's a way to identify the entities and have them spawn on them similar to how the monuments work. I've been searching through the .cs and .json files for any indication on how to copy and recreate the idea.

I'm assuming we'd need something that could count the number of TCs, their transforms, and do a sweep for new TCs after a user defined period of time. If this is possible, we could control how often new TCs are added to the zone pool and a)reduce server stress and b)have a way to control pvp/raids on 'new players'.

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Doing more research, additionally we would need a timer that can delay the zone from disappearing if the cupboard were to be destroyed.

hello - can i add. maybe it doesnt need to be a tc? maybe an item that can be deployed (let's say... the bear toy)  where if you deploy it on a base it will make a base raidable with a zone. THIS will go a long way to make a PVE server customizable. The great thing is it will only work if you place within a tc zone of your base (players shouldn't be able to place on your base or it will have unintended consequences) so its like a consent of a base owner to raid their base.


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the nearest similar plugin that I know of this would be 'Abandoned Bases' by Nivex but it requires that the players be "gone" from the server. So it's there's no opportunity to "defend" your base

Actually yeah this would be awesome! If we had the option to choose the entity ourselves we could play it as we like on the server. For us we want all TCs, but I can totally see a way to hand out dev items for the placement and consent. Good thinking!

Is there already a solution??

@Firemen - Dynamic PVP hasn't yet had a configurable add that can make this happen. Although we did find a fix on our end, using Nivex's Abandoned Bases we were able to configure it to do exactly as described. We also understand that Building Wrapper may be able to do the same thing, I haven't t ried it but looks like it would do the job.


I had already thought of abandoned bases if that works, it would have to go with inhabited bases too.There must be a function that the Bauschrank (Tool Cupboard) creates a PVP RAID zone.A construction zone is also created in which no one else is allowed to build


Then you could paste TruePve with DynamicPvp and the Zone Manager and you have already done throughout the map PvE and can create PVP zones and built on each base, there is also a PVP zone (where raids is also allowed) That would be the best