Is it possible to create a dynamic pvp zone around placed TCs?

I have a truePVE server with Dynamic monuments zones. Working great.

I would like to make bases raidable by creating a pvp zone around any placed tc. with "PVP" in zone id name so PVX toggle functions.

Because the range of the TC is infinite, it's not easy to implement.

Replying on this because it would be handy to force a zone on all TCs. If we can couple it with zone manager and edit the sizes it would go a long ways to allowing raiding while preventing KOS outside of raids. I personally don't need the TC's range in particular, but just a bubble attached to one that I can edit the parameters for. It would be useful if the script just searched for all cupboard.tool entities and spawned on those. Defaults of 30-50 should cover 99% of bases I'd think.
Even a suggestion on implementing this ourselves is mightily helpful!