Turret Interference

I noticed I can have more then 12 turret drones inside the 40m radius. Normal turrets after 12 will still show the interference but are still online and active. Other then removine interference from the server, what are some other options?

I'll need to revisit both Drone Turrets and Car Turrets in regard to interference. I simply haven't gotten around to it since the interference update, largely because there have been no questions or issues reported about it.

Any suggestions you can you provide, in terms of how you would want it to work, would be helpful.

What I'll probably need to do is periodically re-evaluate interference criteria as car/drone turrets move. For example, if a mobile turret enters an area where there are already max turrets, the mobile turret should become disabled. When the mobile turret leaves the interference radius, it should become re-enabled.

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I did some investigation and experimentation on this today. I found a few issues with the current behavior.

For context on how it works in vanilla, when a turret spawns, it finds all nearby turrets and remembers them, and informs those turrets about itself. This creates a two-way knowledge where all turrets know about their nearby turrets. This knowledge is used when turrets toggle on and off, in order to figure out which turrets should experience interference.

Issue #1: Because turrets never move in vanilla, the vanilla logic only updates the two-way knowledge when turrets spawn and despawn. As a result, a drone turret will continue to interfere with turrets that it found when it originally spawned, even if the drone turret is no longer near those turrets. I can fix this in an upcoming update.

Issue #2: When any turret spawns, it can't find nearby drone turrets because they don't have a collider on the Deployed layer, which is because the plugin removes such colliders to avoid various collision issues. As a result, no turrets are aware of nearby drone turrets, allowing you to have basically unlimited drone turrets that don't experience interference, as long as you don't place too many normal turrets near them. I can fix this in an upcoming update.

Issue #3: I found a vanilla bug where sometimes turrets don't find some nearby turrets, causing inconsistent behavior where turrets don't always interfere when they should. I found the root cause and reported the issue to Facepunch. I estimate they will release the fix next month.

Thank you for the reply. People voted to remove interferience anyway so no I have no issues with how the plugin currently works. I do like your idea where the mobile turret is the one to turn off if it moves into range with a max amount of turrets and back on when it leaves. I think stationary turrets should have priority, so for example, if I have my turrets off and drones fly in range and I try to turn my turrets on, they should be able to, disabling the drones. Thank for all your hard work :)