Discord roles not updating
I'm trying to implement a way for my players Discord roles to be updated when they purchase a VIP and their Oxide group becomes changed in the server.
I believe Discord Core Roles is the plugin that does just that (unless I am wrong)

Here is my Discord Core Roles config that I have set up

  "Oxide role to discord roles": {
    "default": "Member",
    "verified": "Verified",
    "vip1": "VIP 1",
    "vip2": "VIP 2",
    "vip3": "VIP 3"

The players who are current VIPs are players that are verified with /auth (except maybe one.. not entirely worried about that)
I'm not sure if I'm missing a step or if there's something else wrong, any help would be appreciated!

Also I don't know if this could be contributing to my error but in my logs it says..
[Discord Core] Connected to bot: 10xBot

This is the bot that has my server status, not the one that handles /auth -- it has the verified user count, but does not take the /auth requests. Should I connect Discord Core to my auth bot? or does that not matter?
DiscordCore has to be the plugin that is handling the auth for it to work right now. If you're using another auth I am working on Integrating Discord Core with other discord auth plugins. If you would like to test this you can add me on discord MJSU#0814.
Definitely will test it out, would love to see this compatible with other auth features! 
I'll add you.
hey mate! Im having this issue aswell but I know I can get it to look thru the roles if I update the plugin, so perhaps you need to make the plugin do a check or reload every 5 minutes or so?

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I take it back, thought it was based on reloading, but I guess it just happens randomly, last time I had a player getting the discord role 13hours after the rank was given ingame

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I added you on discord MJSU, might be easier talking there